Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

Sewer line breakages or leaks can cause extensive property damage and, in some cases, serious health issues. If your line is beyond repair, the only option is a replacement. You’ll want to contact a professional plumber. No matter the case, they will take care of you.

Some guidelines you’ll want to follow when diagnosing a sewer line are pretty straight forward. You don’t want to do too much without a professional around. 

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

  • Gurgling sounds or air bubbles coming from toilets
  • Yard Flooding
  • No water in the toilets
  • Slow or no bathtub drainage
  • Sewage smell from yard or basement area
  • Sewage backup in tub or toilets

Broken Sewer Line Fixes

The action of repair or replacement is based on the full diagnoses done by a certified plumber. Certain properties call for specific techniques. Even if your property sewer system is unique, you will find general ideas to relate to how plumbers may fix a sewer line.

Burst Pipe Hydraulic

This repair method replaces the old pipe with a new one by inserting it inside the new one. The hydraulic part comes in by breaking apart the more senior line.

Preventative Pipe Maintenance

The smartest maintenance to get involved with is preventative pipe maintenance. By performing regular drainage or cleaning methods, you put yourself ahead of expensive replacements in the future. Consistent inspections and flushing of your system will prevent any big debris or blockages from causing damage.

Pipe Relining

This method involves giving you a protective layer on the new pipe installed. The lining protects from any future invasions to the integrity of the line. It hardens in hours after being installed on a sewer line. Most plumbers highly recommend relining.

Here’s the Deal

If you haven’t grasped this article’s theme thus far, it is imperative to keep up with plumbing maintenance. We might sound like your father, but one small payment before a tsunami will pay off much. If you can, you’ll want to prevent floods or financial crisis. These are just two things that can happen without a routine maintenance schedule.

Many will be scared away by the word “routine,” but this shouldn’t prevent you from completing a schedule. When we say routine, we mean once or twice a year. Routine maintenance is entirely affordable for any household and highly recommended to any homeowner. Maintenance is guaranteed to pay itself off in the long run.

As mentioned before, you can prescribe many methods to your home or business to save some money and check issues at the surface level. You may not have all the equipment required to perform a textbook safety check, yet it will be better than nothing. In most cases, homeowners will choose to opt for a more thorough route to have a professional review of the maintenance. 

If you’re on the fence about whether you should perform safety or upkeep with your system, be sure to inquire about plumbing Durango. Certification and textbook service are two things you want involving sewer maintenance.

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